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Music to My Ears: Olly Murs

I’m sure we can all agree that being stuck in traffic can be so boring and frustrating, but not when a new song like “Troublemaker” by Olly Murs featuring Flo-Rida comes blasting through… Continue reading

Life is But a Dream

Beyoncé is one of the many celebrities and artists that the media is constantly obsessing over. We only know what the media portrays and with the information provided we decide if we should… Continue reading

Phyto: Phytodéfrisant

I love to straighten my hair, but as we all know that can be a long process for us girls with curly hair! I stumbled upon this product and have been using it… Continue reading

Brand Spotlight: Nivea

Brand Spotlight: Nivea by betweenfriendsblog featuring Nivea Beauty Products Nivea Soothing & Refreshing Lip Care I love any product that has a mint flavor in it, it must be the tingly feeling… Continue reading

Project Runway: Season 11, Episode 2

Here is a quick recap of Episode 2: 1. Designers had to create uniforms for Susan Sarandon’s SPIN NYC, an underground ping-pong bar. The designers’ challenge was to create uniforms for waiters, waitresses,… Continue reading

Project Runway: Season 11

Project Runway season 11 premiered on Thursday, January 24th on Lifetime, but this season is different than all others. First, the competition is no longer based on individual designers but instead on  teams,… Continue reading

Review: Fekkai Coif Serum Ironless Straightening Balm

I have naturally curly hair and from time to time I love to straighten my hair, even though it takes forever. Recently, during my many shopping sprees, I purchased Fekkai Coif Serum Ironless… Continue reading

Review: Essie Winter Collection 2012

The Essie Winter Collection 2012 is a mix of holiday colors and sparkle, but also with an unexecpected touch of wintery blues. We at Between Friends Blog love that these colors can easily transition… Continue reading