Obsession Confession: Céline

Céline ID Chain Necklace by betweenfriendsblog on Polyvore Advertisements

The Bosu

If you haven’t heard of the BOSU, then you are missing out on a full body workout! Think of the Bosu as half of a stability ball.  As seen in the picture above, it’s… Continue reading

Umami Burger, San Francisco

Umami: a taste sensation that is meaty or savory and is produced by several amino acids and nucleotides (as glutamate and aspartate). After endlessly hearing about Umami Burger from constant posts by celebs… Continue reading

What will You be Wearing this New Years Eve?

I can’t believe it’s already New Years Eve! If you are ringing in the New Year with a bang tonight, then you probably already picked out an amazing dress. If you haven’t or… Continue reading

A Casual Edge

Lately, I have been in love with neutrals and dark tones with an added pop of color. An outfit with a great mix of materials and textures will take any casual outfit to… Continue reading

Always Look Fabulous

Hello Friends, I’m here to save you from a fashion disaster! We all love to get a great deal on fabulous pair of shoes, but many shoes at your favorite retailers put sticky… Continue reading

NWM ’13 D.C. Race Gear

We are so excited to be running in the NWM 2013! Forget about training, what are we going to wear on race day? Just kidding! Training is crucial, but your gear is just… Continue reading

Review: Fekkai Coif Serum Ironless Straightening Balm

I have naturally curly hair and from time to time I love to straighten my hair, even though it takes forever. Recently, during my many shopping sprees, I purchased Fekkai Coif Serum Ironless… Continue reading

Winter 2012 Nail Polish Picks

Get Excited! Between Friends Blog recently compiled our favorite four nail polish colors for our version of a winter collection. The colors we chose are Nude, Bordeaux, Icy Blue and Glittery Gold. Nude… Continue reading

Review: Essie Winter Collection 2012

The Essie Winter Collection 2012 is a mix of holiday colors and sparkle, but also with an unexecpected touch of wintery blues. We at Between Friends Blog love that these colors can easily transition… Continue reading